Proposed health care system needs community support

By Joe Macione

Bristol Herald Courier – Wellmont Health System and Mountain States Health Alliance, the two hospital systems in our area, propose to merge. These two systems are very important to all who call this area home, so some of us are watching this proposal closely, and wondering how this might affect my family and me.

I have heard some people ask about the impact on jobs and the potential that physicians will move. Others believe the merger will save our area’s health care and actually improve it.

From my perspective, the opportunity to align two health systems in our region is the best option to preserve jobs and maintain an optimal level of health care services. Already vested in our region, Wellmont and Mountain States understand our needs and the people who deliver our care and would be more focused on preserving employment than an organization based outside our region. Efficiencies gained through this proposed merger can be reallocated to new and enhanced services staffed by people who have served us for years.

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