Health merger promises a bright future for local nurses

Editorial by Dr. Wendy M. Nehring, professor and dean of the East Tennessee State University College of Nursing

Johnson City Press – Everyone deserves optimal health and nursing is one discipline that can play a role in achieving that goal for people. There are approximately 7,253 licensed registered nurses in northeast Tennessee, which is 1.4 nurses for every 100 residents. There are five nursing programs in this area that provide associate degrees through doctoral degrees. At East Tennessee State University, we offer programs that provide nurses at the registered nurse and advanced practice registered nurse levels.

Our graduates are able to take positions in a wide variety of settings: hospitals, public health departments, long-term care, Veterans Administration, clinics, corporations, academics and many others. We are well-positioned to meet the demand for nursing care in this region for many years to come and will continue to recruit excellent, qualified students. Through ETSU’s partnership with the proposed health system, we will be able to work together to effectively train the next generation of health professionals.

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